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Physical Education Program:

The Sports and Physical Education program at Al-Bayan International School teaches students a wide variety of skills and places emphasis firmly upon enjoyment and active participation. In the KG program the students learn a variety of generic skills such as catching, throwing, rolling, jumping etc., all designed to improve awareness and hand-eye coordination.

As students move through the grade levels, are exposed to an extensive variety of team games. They have the opportunity to learn games such as soccer, basketball, short tennis and many more. They also have the opportunity to learn basic gymnastic and movement skills. The skills acquired in lower elementary are carried through Grades 4 and 5 and also expanded upon. Enjoyment and sportsmanship are emphasized in the students’ learning, as is the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

In middle and high school, students explore sports in blocks of 6-week activities. The sports include soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, badminton, baseball, athletics, and tag rugby. Once again, emphasis is placed on participation, sportsmanship and enjoyment.

To supplement the Athletic program, BIS maintains an extra-curricular activities schedule, which provides for both competitive and non-competitive sports. The middle and high school students compete against schools in the local Kuwaiti Schools League or KFSAC and finish each season with a tournament.

The PE department is very keen on developing an elementary extra-curricular program at BIS, and mini-tournaments take place throughout the year.

The well-trained and experienced PE faculty and coaching team are constantly striving to improve the athletics program at BIS, both curricular and co-curricular. With our already excellent facilities ever improving, we are confident of continuing to provide only the very best experiences for the students.